Neverfail Heartbeat Detects Extended Attributes When Attempting to Replicate SQL Server 2008 File Streams and Reports as Out-of-Sync



Neverfail Heartbeat detects extended attributes and reports as out-of-sync when attempting to replicate SQL Server 2008 file streams.

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Attempting to replicate SQL Server 2008 file streams results in an error message similar to the following:

Automated Out Of Sync : Use of : Extended Attributes , has been detected for : E:\Blobstore1\84095ae3-4667-4987-a2e1-d17dd2a963cd\c9e93c6a-b4ef-4673-921f-78aa8b2ce548\00000310-000000b1-000f


Neverfail Heartbeat is configured, by default, to detect extended attributes and report the files as out-of-sync.


To successfully replicate SQL Server 2008 Filestreams, (supported with SQL Plug-in v201.5.5 and later), Neverfail Heartbeat should be configured to ignore the presence of extended attributes.

To configure Neverfail Heartbeat to ignore the extended attributes, perform the following steps with Neverfail Heartbeat running on the server:

  1. Navigate to Start > Run , type cmd and press Enter .
  2. In the cmd window, navigate to <Neverfail_HB_Installation_Dir>\R2\Bin
  3. Type nfclient and press Enter to start the nfclient session.
  4. Enter the following command and press Enter :

    UnsupportedFeatureMgr.doRemoveUnsupportedFeatureType ExtendedAttributes
  5. Type bye and press Enter , to end the nfclient session.

Applies to

SQL 2008 or higher Filestream deployments
SQL v201.5.5 or higher

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