EVault Remote Disaster Recovery - Event Id: 37 Error Message: EVaultRemoteDisasterRecoveryMonitor: The Following Attribute Failed its Check. Attribute Name



This Knowledge Base article provides information about Event ID:37 with the warning message as shown below:

Attribute <Attribute_Name>, Instance: <Instance_Name> failed its check

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EVault Remote Disaster Recovery logs the following error:

Event ID:37 Error Message: EVaultDisasterRecoveryMonitor: The following attribute failed its check. Attribute name <Attribute>


This event and error message can be caused by either of the following issues:

  • One of the attributes monitored byEVault Remote Disaster Recovery has exceeded its predefined threshold. When the monitored attribute Action setting is set to Log Warning , and attribute performance exceeds the preset parameter, the error message is logged. Normally, this is an indication that the default threshold settings are not adequate for the environment.
  • The WMI Service is not started on the server or working properly.


To resolve this error, perform of the following actions:

  1. Verify that the WMI Service is started and operating properly.
  2. Launch the EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Management Client by selecting Start -> All Programs > EVAult > EVault Remote Disaster Recovery > Manage Server .
  3. Navigate to the Applications: Rules page.
  4. Select the Rule and click Edit .
  5. Increase the Rule values so that under normal operations no events are triggered. If the system is fairly heavily loaded during normal operations then additional memory/CPU power may be required.

Note: Messages having EventID 37 seen regularly in the Application Event Log might highlight a problem on the server. It is recommended that, before reconfiguring the Rule threshold value, a check is performed in order to decide whether the Rule fails its check because of temporary problems (for example, temporary increase in server activity) or because of a constant problem.

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EVault Remote Disaster Recovery

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