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This article provides information about how to use the EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Management Client to configure network monitoring and view the status of your network.

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EVault Remote Disaster Recovery provides you the opportunity to configure network monitoring and view the status of your network using the procedures below.


To configure network monitoring, navigate to Start > Programs > EVault > Manager Server , and select the Network tab to display the Network Monitoring page.

Network Monitoring

The Network Monitoring page displays the status of network connectivity and ping targets used to monitor the network.

Principal Network Connection

The connection between the active server and the Principal (Public) network is monitored by periodically pinging up to three targets to ensure that the active server is alive on the network. To configure the ping targets, click the Configure Pings button.

Select the Ping Settings tab and adjust the Ping interval and Ping echo timeout as necessary.

Select the Ping Routing tab and enter the IP addresses of three targets for the Primary server and the Secondary server. During installation, EVault Remote Disaster Recovery, by default, automatically configured the default gateway, DNS server, and global catalog server, as ping targets.

The Principal (Public) network connection status is determined by pinging the selected ping target hosts on the network. If there is no response from the selected targets, EVault Remote Disaster Recovery determines that the active server connections have been compromised, and if configured, performs a switchover.

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