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This Knowledgebase article provides release information about this specific version of Neverfail ClusterProtector. Please consult Knowledgebase article #1912 - 'Neverfail ClusterProtector – Benefits and Requirements'.

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Release Notes for:

  • Neverfail ClusterProtector Plug-in V201.5.4

Supported Clustering Technology

  • Windows Server Failover Clusters (Windows Server 2012) starting with Neverfail Heartbeat v6.7.0
  • Windows Server Failover Clusters (Windows Server 2008 R2)
  • Windows Server Failover Clusters (Windows Server 2008)
  • Microsoft Server Cluster Service (Windows Server 2003)

Supported Versions of Neverfail Heartbeat

  • Neverfail Heartbeat v6.7.0
  • Neverfail Heartbeat v6.6.0
  • Neverfail Heartbeat v6.3.1
  • Supports Data Rollback Module, WANSmart and management with the new Continuous Availability Director

New Features

  • Support for Neverfail Heartbeat v6.7.0
  • Support for Neverfail Heartbeat v6.6.0
  • Support for Windows 2012 Clusters
  • Support for Windows 2008 R2 clusters

Changed Features

  • There have been changes in the operational behavior during Resource Group Move, Neverfail Switch, and Cluster Failure these are described in Knowledgebase article #1456 - 'Overview - Operational Behavior of Neverfail ClusterProtector.
  • When recovering from an Exchange Cluster Failure please refer to Knowledgebase article #1457 - 'How to Recover from a Failed Cluster'

Issues Fixed

  • Pre start and stop tasks will now run under domain user accounts.

Known Issues

  • Neverfail ClusterProtector Plug-in V201.5.4 can be installed on English Language Operating Systems only.
  • Under some conditions the pre-install check may return the wrong number of Network Interface Cards and warn that there are an incorrect number of NICs.
  • The pre-install check fails if server has fewer than 3 NICs (EN-707).
  • The dependency between the Neverfail service resource and the physical disk resource must be created manually during install.
  • Neverfail ClusterProtector protects the Cluster; therefore, the Cluster is the protected application and not the application running on the Cluster.
  • Pre-Start and pre-stop scripts execute during switch and failover but also when the application is started and stopped from the Management Client this has the effect of taking the Cluster and the Clustered Application off-line.
  • The Cluster Manager should be used to start and stop the clustered application, switch between Cluster nodes and trigger a inter Cluster Node Failover. Use the Neverfail Management to Make the DR Node Active.
  • It is not possible to perform Cluster node move, OR Cluster failover if one of the following Heartbeat operations has been performed; Stop Application, Shutdown with Stop Application option, Stop Replication with Stop Application. Start Management Application because the Cluster is off-line. Additionally, the effect of any of these operations is that the Clustered Application is taken off-line. The Start Applications operation should be performed from the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client so that the cluster node move/failover can occur.
  • Neverfail Service resource and Neverfail folder are not deleted after NFHB uninstall (EN-669).

Installation Information

Please consult the relevant ClusterProtector product install guides :

  • Neverfail ClusterProtector Installation Guide for SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2 Clusters
  • Neverfail ClusterProtector Installation Guide for Exchange 2007 and 2007 SP3 SCC and CCR Clusters

Applies To

Neverfail ClusterProtector Plug-in V201.5.4

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