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This Knowledgebase article provides a list of all current and supported versions of the Neverfail SCOM Plug-in.  Additional information on each specific version may be found by selecting the link within the table for the desired version.

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This Knowledgebase article is one of a series of articles linked to from Knowledgebase article #4 - 'Neverfail Products and Versions'.

There is a sister article ( Knowledgebase article #2419 - Neverfail SCOM Plug-in - Feature Lists ) listing the features of this plug-in; consult that article to understand what the plug-in does.

The plug-in code for this application, which is used in licensing, is X-XXXX.

Table of Plug-ins by Version, in reverse chronological order

Version Neverfail Heartbeat Supported Versions Management Pack Version Supported SCOM Versions Available from Available until Supported until Build string
v201.5.1 v6.6 and later v1.0.0.1 2007, 2007 R2, 2012 2011-11-15

Please note that the above list includes all versions of the plug-in, including internal versions, beta versions, and versions for evaluation and experiment by third parties. Only a small proportion of versions are offered to customers. To see what version is currently available, please click on the appropriate tab from the 'Products / Downloads' section of this Extranet.

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