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This Knowledgebase article provides release information about Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service v5.3.0

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Release Notes for:

  • Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service v5.3.0

    Note: Neverfail SCOPE v5.3.0 is included in Neverfail Heartbeat v6.7.0 and is available as a separate download.

New Features

  • This release consists of bug fixes and changes required to support changes and new features in Neverfail Heartbeat v6.7.0 and later.
  • This release provides support for Windows Server 2012.  

Changed Features

  • If .Net 4.0 is not installed before attempting to install Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service, the following message is displayed:

         .Net Framework 4.0 is required and was not found. Please install it and rerun setup. Please consult KB 2303 for further assistance

Issues Fixed

  • The Disk Section data is incomplete when all NICs are disconnected (Ref-12807)
  • Downloading of configuration parameters fails to complete (Ref-12611)

Known Issues

  • When SQL Server 2012 is installed, Neverfail SCOPE fails to collect SQL Server 2012 data. Refer to Knowledgebase article #2550 to correct this issue (Ref-13998).
  • After upgrading Neverfail SCOPE from a previous version to v5.3.0, old Neverfail SCOPE icons may continue to display. To correct the issue, recreate the Icon-Cache by changing the icon size. For more information about recreating the Icon-Cache, see Knowledgebase article #2551 (Ref-14406).   
  • Neverfail SCOPE v5.3.0 is unable to determine the update configuration if the server is configured to use Windows Server Update services (Ref-13951). 
  • Neverfail SCOPE v5.3.0 fails to collect .net Frameworks 4.5 version from Windows Server 2012 (Ref-14182).
  • Neverfail SCOPE v5.3.0 does not collect CD-ROM or Floppy disk drive information (Ref-14282). 
  • The Neverfail SCOPE User Interface fails to display the correct information if Neverfail Client Tools Only is installed (Ref-13970).
  • If netdiag or dcdiag is not present, a Warning message is displayed (Ref-8608). 

Supporting Documentation

Technical Documents supporting this version of SCOPE are contained in Knowledgebase Article #2521V5.3[.n] Neverfail SCOPE Technical Documentation

Installation Information

This release of Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector is installed automatically by Neverfail Heartbeat during Neverfail Heartbeat Setup. If downloaded separately, you must uninstall the previous version of Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service before attempting to install this version of Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service. 

Applies To

Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service v5.3.0

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