SolarWinds - Application Version Check in a Pre-Clone Deployment



This Knowledgebase article describes SolarWinds Failover Engine installation behavior when versions of the Protected Application differ between the servers, in a pre-clone deployment.

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During installation of SolarWinds Failover Engine, SolarWinds Failover Engine Setup reports the following Warning:

If the Secondary server is a pre-clone of the Primary server it must have the applications <protected_application> installed and the applications must have the same version on all servers.


The above warning is triggered when SolarWinds Failover Engine Setup identifies the remote server as having a different version of the Protected Application installed, or not installed at all.


In the event that the Protected Application on the production (Primary) server has been upgraded to a later or different version after cloning process has completed, the same update(s) must be applied to the pre-cloned server. SolarWinds recommends as a best practice to re-clone the Primary server to create an updated pre-clone environment when possible.

Applies To

SolarWinds Failover Engine, all versions

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SWREFID - 2565


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