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This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to create a Neverfail IT Continuity Architect Business Service.

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A Business Service is a container that is populated with multiple entities for the purpose of grouping them. For example, if the Finance department used an accounting application to manage Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger, and that application depended on a SQL server running on a virtual machine, the user could group all of the entities as members into a single group called "Finance Apps" as a Business Service.

To add a Business Service:

  1. Navigate to the Business Services page.

    Add Business Service
  2. Click the Add Business Service button.
  3. Enter a user friendly name for the new Business Service.
  4. Click OK to create the new Business Service.

    Note: When first added, a Business Service is an empty container that must have entities added and configured to become a functional Business Service.
  5. Click the new Business Service name to drill-down into the selected Business Service.
  6. Select the appropriate Protection Tier level to assign to the new Business Service by clicking the Add Tier drop-down.

    Add Tier
  7. When prompted, select to propagate up or down to automatically assign the selected Protection Tier to dependees. Typically, you attempt to propagate a tier down through dependency relationships to systematically treat a Business Service with the same policy. Thereafter, you can reconcile any issues as described in the user manual.

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Neverfail IT Continuity Architect

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