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About Ipswitch System Plug-in

The Ipswitch System Plug-in is an add-on to Ipswitch Failover, which monitors system performance. It monitors the critical hardware and operating system performance that could affect system availability.

Supported Versions of Microsoft Windows

x86 Platform (32-bit hardware)

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Sp1, SP2

x64 / Intel 64 Platform (64-bit hardware)

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 SP1, SP2
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Windows 2012
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 R2

The IA-64 Itanium Platform is not supported.


Monitoring the system environment can be broadly categorized as:

  • Active Server and Service Availability Monitoring
  • Application and Performance Monitoring

Active Server and Service Availability Monitoring

Ipswitch Failover monitors the availability of a server by sending continuous heartbeat signals via the Ipswitch Channel to the other servers in the cluster. The “Yes I am alive” response ensures that not only is the other server powered-up, but also that it is available if needed. The heartbeat signal interval is configurable from the Ipswitch Failover Manager.

Application and Performance Monitoring

Ipswitch Failover monitors general system performance via the Ipswitch System Plug-in. The Ipswitch System Plug-in performs this operation by checking select WMI counters at predetermined intervals to ensure that results of the check are within defined parameters. Ipswitch System Plug-in uses 'Rules' to take action should a check reveal results outside of the defined parameters.

Note: Many of the rules listed below are provided in the disabled state because default values cannot be provided as these values depend upon the server and application load.

Rules - The following Performance Monitoring 'Rules' are installed by the Ipswitch System Plug-in:

  • DiskAvgSecsPerRead
  • DiskAvgSecsPerWrite
  • DiskIO
  • DiskQueueLength
  • DiskReadsPerSec
  • DiskWritesPerSec
  • DiskWriteable
  • FreeDiskSpace
  • FreeDiskSpaceOnDrive
  • MemoryCommittedBytes
  • MemoryCommittedBytesPercent
  • MemoryFreePTEs
  • MemoryPageReadsPerSec
  • MemoryPageWritesPerSec
  • MemoryPagesPerSec
  • MemoryPagingFileUseage
  • PageFaultsPerSec
  • ProcessorIntsPerSec
  • ProcessorLoad
  • ProcessorQueueLength
  • RedirectorBytesTotalPerSec
  • RedirectorNetworkErrorsPerSec
  • ServerBytesTotalPerSec
  • ServerWorkItemShortages >= 3 ( if the rule for server work item shortages is triggered, consult Microsoft documentation on setting the registry values for InitWorkItems or MaxWorkItems accordingly).
  • ServerWorkQueueLength
  • SystemContextSwitches

Tasks - There are no configurable 'Tasks' associated with this plug-in.

Protected Services

The Ipswitch System Plug-in does not define any protected services.

Protected Data

The Ipswitch System Plug-in does not define any protected files or folders.

Automatic Filter Discovery

The Ipswitch System Plug-in does not provide Automatic Filter Discovery because there are no protected sets defined.

Applies To

Ipswitch Failover System Plug-in

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