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Release Notes for:

DNSUpdate v2.0.10.4821

New Features

  • This release of DNSUpdate.exe provides improved performance updating DNS servers when there are numerous Name Servers present.
    Changed Features
  • This version of DNSUpdate.exe no longer uses Microsoft's dnscmd.exe
  • The parameter "-ci : Case insensitive Zone matching" is no longer available, this functionality is addressed at the Domain Name Server
  • This DNSUpdate.exe utility is delivered as a single component that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and no longer requires .Net to be installed

Issues Fixed

  • DNSUpdate is slow when numerous Name Servers are present (Ref-13898).

Known Issues

  • None

Supporting Documentation

Technical information supporting this version of DNSUpdate Utility is contained in Knowledgebase article #389 - 'How to Use the Neverfail Heartbeat Utility DNSUpdate.exe (DNS)'.

Installation Information

To update the DNSUpdate.exe Utility in Neverfail Heartbeat v5.x or later, follow the procedure below.

Installation Procedure

DNSUpdate.exe is installed as part of the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup.  To update this utility, simply download the latest version of DNSUpdate.exe Utility from the Neverfail Extranet and save to <install_directory>\R2\bin.  When prompted if you want to overwrite the file, click on Yes and allow the file to be over written.

Applies To

DNSUpdate Utility v2.0.10.4821

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