Configuring the Minimum VMware Permissions Required to Install and Manage Neverfail Continuity Engine v7.1[.n] or Later



This Knowledge base article provides information about the minimum VMware vCenter Server permissions required to install and manage Neverfail Continuity Engine. 

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To configure the minimum VMware vCenter Server permissions to install and manage Neverfail Continuity Engine, follow the procedure below:

  1. Using the VMware vSphere Client, log into vCenter Server as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Home > Roles.
  3. Select the Read-only role.
  4. Right-click the role and click Clone.
  5. Rename the new role. For example, Neverfail Engine.
  6. Right-click the newly cloned role and select Edit Role.
  7. Add the following privileges:
    • Datastore > Allocate Space
    • Datastore > Browse Datastore
    • Extension
    • Global > Log Event
    • Network > Assign Network
    • Resource > Assign Virtual Machine to Resource Pool
    • Resource > Migrate powered off virtual machine
    • Resource > Migrate powered on virtual machine
    • Tasks
    • Virtual Machine > Configuration
    • Virtual Machine > Interaction > Configure CD Media
    • Virtual Machine > Interaction > Device Connection
    • Virtual Machine > Interaction > Power On
    • Virtual Machine > Interaction > Power Off
    • Virtual machine > Interaction > Reset
    • Virtual Machine > Inventory
    • Virtual Machine > Provisioning
    • Virtual Machine > Snapshot Management
  8. Map the vCenter Server user account configured in Engine Management Service (EMS) to the newly created Neverfail Engine role, at the vCenter Server level.
    1. Select the top level for vCenter Server, then click the Permissions tab.
    2. Right-click and select Add Permission.
    3. Add the vCenter Server EMS user (if not already present) and assign the newly created Neverfail Engine role.

      Note: You may need to bind the role at the host level (in Hosts and Cluster View) as well as the Datastore permissions tab level (in Datastores & Datastore Clusters).

Applies To 

Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.1 or later

Neverfail IT Continuity Engine v7.1 or later

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