How to Restart a Passive Server with Neverfail Continuity Engine Installed


This Knowledgebase article provides information on how to restart a passive server running Neverfail Continuity Engine.

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When restarting a server running Neverfail Continuity Engine, it is important to follow the recommended procedure to prevent an Unclean shutdown of Neverfail Continuity Engine, which may result in some data loss.

The following procedure assumes that the Neverfail Continuity Engine servers are running in a pair with the Primary server as active and the Secondary server as passive.


To restart the Secondary (passive) server, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop Neverfail Continuity Engine on Secondary (passive) server. To do this:
    1. Launch the Engine Management Service.
    2. Login at the prompt if necessary. Select the server cluster you wish to manage and double-click to open.
    3. On the Status page, check that the File System Status and Registry Status are both shown as Synchronized.
    4. Click on the Actions drop-down menu and then click Shutdown Service.

      Note: The option to leave protected applications running when shutting down Neverfail Continuity Engine can be configured by clicking the Configure button on the Neverfail Advanced Management Client Server: Summary page.
    5. At this point select the option to shutdown the Secondary server.
  2. Ensure the 'NFServerR2' service is set to automatic, from within the Windows Services Management Console and check the settings are correct in the Configure Server wizard. To do this:
    1. Right-click the Neverfail Continuity Engine system tray icon and select Server Configuration wizard.
    2. From the Machine tab, check the server is set to passive. (This should already be the case if the server was passive before stopping Neverfail Continuity Engine).
    3. Click Finish.

      Note: On Windows Server 2008, if any applications are running, you will be prompted to shutdown the application before shutting down or restarting Windows Server 2008. 
  3. Restart Microsoft Windows as normal from the Start button.
  4. Following the restart, ensure that the appropriate protected services are NOT started. The Services that are protected by Neverfail Continuity Engine are listed on the Services page of the Engine Management Service.
  5. Log into the server pair, and check that the servers have connected and started replication. To do this:
    1. Launch the Engine Management Service, by right-clicking the Neverfail Continuity Engine system tray icon and selecting Manage Server, or by selecting the same option from Start > All Programs > Neverfail.
    2. Login at the prompt if necessary. Select the server group you wish to manage and double-click to open the Server: Summary page.
    3. On the Server: Summary page, check that the File System Status and Registry Status are both replicating and the direction is from Primary (active) to Secondary (passive). The Registry Status should quickly display as Synchronized. The File System Status may take much longer depending on the amount of protected data.
  6. Logout of the Engine Management Service by clicking Logout, and following the on screen prompts.

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