How to Create Shadow Copies Manually Using the Neverfail Continuity Engine Data Rollback Module



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to create shadow copies manually using the Data Rollback Module in Neverfail Continuity Engine.

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The Data Rollback Module allows you to automate the creation of shadow copies.  In the event that it is necessary, you can also create a shadow copy manually via the Neverfail Continuity Engine Data Rollback Module.


To create a shadow copy manually using the Neverfail Continuity Engine Data Rollback Module, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Engine Management Service.
  2. Navigate to the Shadows page.
  3. In the lower pane, click the Create... button for the appropriate server.
  4. The Status section relating to the selected server will indicate the shadow creation process. Once the process is complete, the status will read, Creating Shadow Copy: Finished. The related Shadows section will have a new entry with the name and details of the shadow copy.
Note: To cancel the creation of a shadow copy, you must use the Neverfail Advanced Management Client > Data: Rollback page.

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Neverfail Continuity Engine 

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