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This Knowledgebase article provides information about this specific release of Neverfail® HybriStor™ v2.3 Build 112.

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New! HybriStor v2.3.112 Features 

  • Enhanced share and daemon health checks

HybriStor v2.3.112 Fixes  

  • Resolved issue with fuse metadata file processing during replication
  • Addressed unhandled exception for files larger than 4TB

Upgrade Information  

Physical Storage Appliance Minimum Requirement

  • CPU: Minimum Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 
  • RAM: Minimum 32 GB
  • Storage Controller: LSI SAS 9270 or equivalent supporting HBA mode
  • OS Disk: 2 x 50 GB 
  • Other Disks: Appliance disk requirement varies according to its storage capacity 
  • NIC: recommend 2 x 10GbE

Virtual Appliance minimum requirement

  • CPU: Minimum 4 CPU cores
  • RAM: Minimum 4 GB for 1-2 TB post-dedupe storage, 8 GB for 8-10 TB post-dedupe storage
  • OS and Processing Disk: Minimum 200 GB
  • Data Disk: 1 to 10 TB
  • NIC: recommend 1 x 10GbE

Supported Virtualization Platforms

  • Virtual Machines running on VMware's vSphere ESXi 6.0 / 5.5, vCenter Server 6.0 / 5.5 
    Note: Requires vSphere Web Client to create disks larger than 2 TB

HybriStor™ Features 

  • NAS interface with AD support
  • Hybrid inline/post dedupe
  • Global deduplication
  • WAN Optimization
  • N-to-1 (Hub and Spoke) and cascaded replications
  • Web UI supports cell phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Instacache™ (Physical appliance only)


  • Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome must be used for managing the Neverfail® HybriStor™ Appliance.
  • When the virtual appliance first boots up, a console message “WRITE SAME failed. Manually zeroing” is displayed. This is due to the SCSI command WRITE SAME that is not supported on certain virtualized disk drivers. You can disregard this message as it poses no problem for the system.
  • When applying a license, the appliance cannot reach Neverfail Registration server even though the appliance has Internet access. Ensure port 8100 is open on the router/firewall. If your network administrator does not allow opening port 8100, please follow the onscreen instructions to activate your license offline.

Installation Information  

  • Installation instructions are available in the Neverfail® HybriStor™ v2.3 Installation Guide.  

Applies To

Neverfail® HybriStor™ v2.3  

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