Accessing an Exchange server protected by Neverfail via Outlook Web Access



This Knowledgebase article details known issues that may arise when running Neverfail for Exchange on a server pair to which clients are connecting via Outlook Web Access.

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Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) virtual server that enables users to access their Microsoft Exchange Inbox using a Web browser. It relies on the Internet Information Services (IIS), which is provided by the Microsoft Windows operating system. IIS receives Outlook Web Access client requests as a proxy for message traffic between a Web client and an Exchange 2003 server or an Exchange 2000 server.

When running Neverfail for Exchange to protect your Exchange environment, IISAdmin service is added by default in the protected services list (if the service is running at install time). Therefore, IISAdmin will always run on the active server granting users access to their Exchange Inboxes using Outlook Web Access.

Known Issues

  • Customization of OWA

As per Microsoft's White Paper , changes to Outlook Web Access source files will not be supported. However, if any changes are performed for customization of Outlook Web Access on a server pair protected by Neverfail, please make sure that they are made on both the Primary and Secondary servers.

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