How to add a second network connection for the Neverfail Channel



This Knowledgebase article describes the procedure that should be followed when adding a second Neverfail Channel.

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To add a new network connection for the Neverfail Channel, follow the steps below.


  1. Configure the new channel NICs according to the Neverfail prerequisites (from the Td-H Reference Guide - Networking Configuration paragraph).
  2. Gracefully stop Heartbeat (from the Neverfail Management Client, click the Shutdown button).
  3. Open the Configure Server wizard ( Start -> All Programs -> Neverfail -> Configure Server ) and select the 'Channel' tab.
  4. Add the new channel IP addresses accordingly.
  5. Click Finish to save your changes.
  6. Restart Neverfail Heartbeat on both servers.
Note: The following issues should be considered when adding an additional Neverfail Channel connection.
  • The Hardware ID of the Primary server may change when adding a new NIC for the second channel connection, which means that the license key might need to be regenerated.
  • When the new NIC is added, the Packet Filter installation window will popup. Installing the Neverfail Packet Filter at this step is optional, but if this is done, ensure that it is not selected on the new channel NICs.
  • In WAN environments, static routes are recommended (see Knowledgebase article #466 - 'How to Create a Static Route for the Neverfail Channel Connection in a WAN Environment').

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