VBScript Error 'Object not a collection' when installing Neverfail for SQL Server'



This article describes the behavior of the Neverfail for SQL Server Application Module when attempting to install on a server without SQL Server. The most likely scenario for this is when an application that depends on SQL Server has a remote database rather than a local one.

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When performing an installation of Neverfail on a server with an application that uses SQL Server database where the database is not present, Setup will generate the following exception:

The script: D:\Install\Heartbeat\{kit version}\Sql.vbs generated the following exception:

Type: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Error Text:
Error In: line 154, position 1
Description: Object not a collection


When a Neverfail Solution is purchased for an application that uses a SQL Server database, the license for Neverfail for SQL Server will be automatically included. If the protected application’s database is installed on a remote server and the user does not uncheck the option to install the Neverfail for SQL Server module, an error will be produced.

Future versions of Neverfail for SQL Server will report the error that SQL Server could not be found.


To recover from the error the user will need to:

  1. Click Exit from Setup.
  2. Select Yes to save the session details.
  3. Re-run 'Setup' and recover from the previous session.
  4. At the 'License Feature Configuration' pane, clear the 'SQL Server Application Module' check box.

Advice for installing with remote databases

The ReadMe.txt in the effected kits provides the necessary steps to install these modules successfully when the database is on a remote server.

  1. After the license key has been entered, the 'License Feature Configuration' page will be displayed.
  2. Clear the 'SQL Server Application Module' check box so that Setup does not attempt to install it.
  3. Proceed to the AM(X) page and provide the path to the appropriate AM(X) script.

Applies To

Neverfail for BlackBerry Enterprise Server V5.0.3 and Earlier
Neverfail for RightFax Server V5.0.3 and Earlier
When installing with a Neverfail Trial License - Neverfail for Exchange V5.0.3 and Earlier

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