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This Knowledgebase article provides release information about this specific version of Neverfail for SharePoint.

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Release Notes for:

  • Neverfail for SharePoint 2007-04-30

New Features

  • This version of the AM supports SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Services 3.0 in addition to earlier versions of SharePoint.
  • The Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard will run on the Secondary server after a switchover (Internal Neverfail reference BZ 5122)
  • The Search component install location in now protected (Internal Neverfail reference BZ 4604)
  • We now check the path exists before creating a filter (Internal Neverfail reference BZ 4871)
  • The Index Files (Sparse Files) are only protected if the registry value was created at Install Time (Internal Neverfail reference BZ 5095) See Knowledgebase article #1210 - 'How to Add Protection for the Index Catalog with Neverfail for SharePoint'.
  • The location for tracing log files is now replicated (Internal Neverfail reference BZ 5109)
  • Web parts added to the web sites will now always be replicated (Internal Neverfail reference BZ 5223)

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Supporting Documentation

For more information about Neverfail for SharePoint, please see Neverfail Heartbeat - Technical Documentation - Reference Guide - V5.1 .

Installation Information

In order to install, this AM(X) requires Neverfail Heartbeat V5.1.1.

Before starting the install, it is recommended that you refer to the Neverfail Knowledgebase at and search for the term SharePoint or IIS Server AM(X) to locate recent articles.

Please consult the Knowledgebase article #557 - 'SharePoint - Application Module - Versions' for full details of supported versions of Heartbeat and the protected application.

Please note that the 'Microsoft SharePoint PS Search' service must be configured to run under a Domain Administrator account and not under the Network Service account (in accordance with advice from Microsoft). Please check the service properties in the Service Control Manager.

  1. Download from the Neverfail Extranet the following kits:
    • Neverfail Heartbeat
    • or Neverfail for SQL Server if you have a local database
    • Neverfail for IIS
    • Neverfail for SharePoint
  2. Extract all the archives.
  3. Please read the readme.txt that comes with the Neverfail for IIS kit because it contains important configuration information relevant to IIS. In particular, the need to enable the "direct metabase edit" feature.


  1. Run Setup.exe from the Neverfail Heartbeat distribution and follow the on screen instructions.
  2. When prompted for a license key, be sure to supply one that licenses all the required features:
    • Core Heartbeat license
    • SQL Server license ONLY if you are using a local database
      • SQL Server 2000
      • MSDE
      • SQL Server 2005
      • SQL Server Express Edition
    • Neverfail for IIS license
    • Neverfail for SharePoint license
  3. After pressing 'Next', you will be asked to confirm the Application Module features you intend to install.

    Ensure that:
    • Neverfail for File Server is NOT selected. Please uncheck this box before proceeding.
    • Neverfail for SQL Server should only be checked if you have one of the supported versions of SQL Server installed.
  4. When prompted supply the location of the extracted IISServer.amx script.
  5. Then supply the location of the extracted SharePoint.amx script.
  6. Check the order of the list, IISServer must appear above the SharePoint script.
  7. Click 'Next' and proceed with the install.
  8. Please contact your software supplier or refer to our knowledge base on our website at , which is constantly updated.

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Neverfail for SharePoint 2007-04-30

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