Microsoft SharePointPS Search failed to Start After a Rollback on the Primary-Active



This Knowledgebase article provides information about the occurrence of Microsoft SharePointPS Search failing to start after a rollback on the Primary-active server.

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After a rollback on the Primary-active, the Microsoft SharePointPS Search service cannot start, logging the error:

Failed to START SharePointPSSearch: Service 'SharePointPSSearch': stopped without reporting an error


Even though the Logon settings are set to the proper credentials prior to rollback, after restoring the shadow copy they revert back to "NETWORK SERVICE".


If after a rollback on the Primary-active server, the Microsoft SharePointPS Search service does not start, perform the following:

  1. Check the Logon settings for the Microsoft SharePointPS Search service using the Service Control Manager.
  2. Ensure that the proper credentials are set (Domain Administrator account).  If the proper credentials are not set, reset them to the proper credentials.
  3. Manually start the service.

Note: If changes are made via the Service Control Manager, the passive server must be rebooted to allow replication of the LogOn settings to the passive server.  Please refer to Knowledgebase article #443 - ''How to Restart the Secondary (passive) Server'.

Applies To

Neverfail for SharePoint Application Module 2007-04-30

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