Post Install Steps for Conceivium MobileMonitor AM(X) installed with Neverfail for BlackBerry Enterprise Server



This Knowledgebase article provides information about additional steps that should be performed post-install to configure Conceivium MobileMonitor AM(X) installed with Neverfail for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

More Information

The following post-install steps should be performed:

Updates to Filters

The following changes to the filter set may be required on some installations:

<install path>\Conceivium\*.config to <install path>\Conceivium\MobileMonitor\*.config

Add the following filter:

<install path>\Conceivium\MobileMonitor\i_Monitor\**

Modifications to Stop Scripts

When Neverfail for SQL Server and Neverfail for BlackBerry are installed on the same server, MobileMonitor may trigger an autoswitchover immediately after a user initiated switchover. This is as a result of MobileMonitor detecting a warning or error in the BlackBerry log relating to the database service being stopped before the BlackBerry services. Copy all the stop commands present in the BlackBerry Stop scripts and paste them into the SQL Server Stop scripts (detailed advice is provided in Knowledgebase article #1242 - 'Multiple and Dependent Applications Installed on a Single Server').


  • Manually copy the BlackBerry Resource Kit files from the Primary Server to the Secondary server.
  • The Exchange Management program files should be included in the NTBackup, however if the service fails to start then these program files should be copied manually from the Primary to the Secondary server.

Applies To

Neverfail for SQL Server and Neverfail for BlackBerry Enterprise Server with AM(X) for Conceivium's MobileMonitor 6-12-08

Related Information

Knowledgebase article #1242 - Multiple and Dependent Applications Installed on a Single Server


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