How to Replicate Data from the Tertiary Server to the Primary Server



This Knowledgebase article provides the procedure to force the Tertiary server to temporarily replicate to the Primary server.

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In some situations, it might be necessary to force the Tertiary server to temporarily replicate back to the Primary server when the Tertiary has been configured as an Application server.


  1. Backup the current Tertiary active (System drive C: and System State as well):
    1. Select the entire C:\ drive and any other directories on a different drive that include program files of the protected application.
    2. Deselect any directories that are already part of the replication set.
    3. Select ‘System State’.
    4. Select a local destination location for the backup file.
  2. Restore the backup from step #1 onto Primary server. Before rebooting the Primary server, disconnect the network cables to isolate the machine.
  3. After rebooting, using the Neverfail Configure Server wizard, configure the server as Primary passive.
  4. Reconnect the network cables back to Primary server. Ensure that there is a dedicated Neverfail Channel between the Tertiary active and the newly constructed Primary passive servers.
  5. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on the Primary passive server as well and allow the servers to synchronize.
  6. As soon as servers are in sync, switchover to a Primary active – Tertiary passive configuration.
  7. As soon as the pair is switched, stop Neverfail Heartbeat opting to leave protected applications running.
  8. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on Primary active only.
  9. Disconnect the Neverfail Channel between the Primary and Tertiary server.
  10. If Secondary machine needs not be rebuilt, connect the Neverfail Channel between Primary and Secondary servers.
  11. If Secondary needs be rebuilt, you may use the Tertiary backup to restore the Secondary server as well.
  12. Check that Secondary server is passive (using the Configure Server wizard).
  13. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on Secondary server and allow the servers to synchronize.
  14. Configure the 3rd server to be the Tertiary server and to connect to the current Secondary passive server.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V5.0.2 and prior

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