How to Eliminate Neverfail as the Source of an Issue on a Neverfail Server Pair



This Knowledgebase article provides steps that should be used to eliminate Neverfail as a source of an issue during troubleshooting on a server pair protected by Neverfail.

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When an issue occurs on a server pair protected by Neverfail, it may be difficult to determine if the source of the issue is Neverfail or the protected application itself.

To assist in troubleshooting, Neverfail can be disabled on the server pair following the steps below:

  1. From the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client, click the Shutdown button to shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat.
  2. On both servers, from the Service Control Manager, set the Neverfail R2 Server service to 'Manual'.
  3. Reboot both servers.
  4. Manually start the protected application services on the active server.

Using these steps, Neverfail will not start upon reboot and can be eliminated during troubleshooting. Once Neverfail has been eliminated, if the protected application (BES, Exchange, .etc) continues to experience problems, this indicates that the problems are unrelated to Neverfail and may be the result of other causes (configuration of the application itself, networking etc). If the protected application is not experiencing problems after eliminating Neverfail, then the Neverfail services can be started and set to 'automatic'. In this case, one of the following two scenarios will occur:

  • Upon startup of Neverfail services, the protected application again experiences the issue. In this case, an after hours support call should be logged. The engineer on call will likely to ask the Administrator to repeat the procedure again leaving Neverfail shutdown until the next business day. The primary focus of after hours support is to get the protected application back online, even if that means shutting down Neverfail. The restoration of the Neverfail service will be accomplished on the next business day as per the SSA.
  • Upon startup of Neverfail services, the protected application does not experience the previous issue, which indicates that issue was a one off and was resolved by the reboot. In this case, a standard support call should be logged on the next business day in order for Neverfail Support to research the cause of the problem (Neverfail Support will attempt to establish the root cause of the problem).

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