How to Manage VMware vShield Edge Appliance




This Knowledge base article provides the procedure to access the tools used to manage VMware vShield Edge Appliance.


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To manage your Customer's vShield Edge Appliance, you must login to vShield Manager.

  1. Login to the vShield Manager https://x.x.x.x/
  2. Select View: Host and Clusters.
  3. Under Datacenters , select your Datacenter, for example Austin.
  4. In the working area, select the Network Virtualization tab and click Edges .
  5. Select your Edge Appliance and click Actions .
  6. Click Manage.
  7. You are then presented with the following page to configure your Customer's vShield Edge Appliance. Please see Knowledge base article # 2895 - Configuring vShield Edge Appliance for instructions about how to configure your customer's vShield Edge Appliance.


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VMware vShield Edge Appliance


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