Deploying Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.0 onto the Primary Server



This Knowledgebase article provides the step-by-step procedure to deploy Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.0 onto the Primary server. 

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Prior to deploying Neverfail Continuity Engine on the target Primary server, ensure that the server meets all of the pre-requisites stated in Pre-Install Requirements. During the installation process, Neverfail Continuity Engine Management Service (EMS) will install Neverfail Continuity Engine on the target servers identified in the cluster and validate that the servers meet the minimum requirements for a successful installation.


To install Neverfail Continuity Engine on the Primary server:

  1. Login to the Neverfail Continuity Engine Management Service UI and select the Management drop-down. Click on Deploy > Deploy to a Primary server.

    The Deploy Engine page is displayed.
  2. Enter the DNS name or IP address of the target (Primary) server, or select a virtual server from the inventory. Enter credentials for a user that is a member of the local Administrator group on the target server and click Next.

    The Validating Install step is displayed. The Engine Management Service automatically configures Windows firewalls to allow installation to continue and communications via the Neverfail Channel and Neverfail Continuity Engine.
  3. Once the Validating Install step completes and displays that the server is a valid target, click Next.

    The Select Public (Principal) IP Address step is displayed.
  4. Validate the Public IP address displayed and ensure the check box is selected for addresses that should be available for client connection. Click Next.

    The Ready to Complete step is displayed.
  5. Review the information and click Finish.

    The installation of the Primary server proceeds.
  6. Once installation of the Primary server is complete, in the Protected Servers pane, select the Primary server.

    The Status page is displayed. 

Applies To

Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.0 

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