How to bulk import new Users utilizing a CSV file


This document describes how to bulk import users using a CSV file.

To bulk add users you must first create a CSV file. At the bottom of this article is a link to a sample CSV file. If you chose to use the sample CSV file be sure you remove the first row, the data must look like what is presented in the next image!

The structure of the CSV file will include: NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, GROUP.

Before you attempt to import the file you should take a look at the content and validate there is no comma "," or period "." trailing the last field.

In a standard text editor it should look similar to this:

Three things to note:

  • You can only add a user to one group.
  • If you add a user to a group that does not exist that group will be created and the user added.
  • If you get a 400 error more than likely you have a formatting issue.


Once you have created your CSV file you can begin to import users. Start by logging into Workspaces and then follow the steps below:


  1. Click Organizations
  2. Select the specific Organization you wish to work with.


Once in the Organizations screen:

  1. Click Users
  2. Click Import CSV


A new dialogue box will open as shown below. Drag the CSV file you created (the Excel icon in the image) onto the middle of the field as shown.


The image will change to look similar to the image below indicating the file has been uploaded.

If you leave the Send welcome e-mail box checked the system will automatically send an email to the users you have listed in the CSV file with an email address.

Click Import and a new Workflow will run to complete the task.


When the import is successful you will see your new users as shown in the next image.

Notice that the new user accounts are in an Inactive state, this is normal and either the Admin, or the user, must activate the account using the standard methods.

You have now finished bulk importing users.


If you use the CSV file that is linked here, be sure to remove the first row from the file!

 Link to sample CSV file


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