How to install Office365 in a Workspaces environment


The KB article provides step by step instructions on how to install Microsoft Office 365  "O365" in a Neverfail Workspaces environment.

Step-by-step guide

Login to the Workspaces Portal and go to:
Workspaces -> Organization -> Templates -> Default App Template -> choose Start software installation


Download the RDP file and login to the template machine and perform the Office installation following the below steps:

  1. Create a folder C:\ODT
  2. Download the Office Deployment Tool to your RDS server (
  3. Run the downloaded file, and save the extracted contents to C:\ODT
  4. create an XML file that defines the products and licensing the ODT should use; there’s a default one included but you’ll need to edit it (or create a new one) to look like this: 


         <!-- NOTE: For Office 64bit change the OfficeClientEdition value to 64 -->

         <Add SourcePath="C:\odt" OfficeClientEdition="32" >

              <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">

                   <Language ID="en-us" />



         <Updates Enabled="TRUE" />

         <Display Level="Full" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />

         <Logging Path="%temp%" />

         <Property Name="SharedComputerLicensing" Value="1" />


The really important property is the “SharedComputerLicensing”; that’s what specifies that office is intended for terminal services.

  1. Open a command prompt (or PowerShell), change directory to C:\ODT and run the "setup.exe /download configuration.xml" (once complete you should see a new folder “C:\ODT\Office”)
  2. Install Office Pro Plus by running "setup.exe /configure configuration.xml"


After the install completes, you should be able to run an office product. On startup, it will ask you to sign-in with your Office 365 account to activate the license.


Once the installation is complete go back to the Workspaces portal and choose Finish installation:



From the App Store, move the desired applications to Published column edit the Permissions and hit Republish.


Once the republish workflow completes users can Activate the Office components using their Office365 accounts.


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