Upgrading HybriStor Software


Download the Update

Please visit the HybriStor Product Documentation & Downloads article to access the update file. Please note that version 2.3.104 and above have an upgrade notification feature, which will notify you within the GUI when a new version is available. 

Install the Update

The Upgrade HybriStor™ menu provides the option to upgrade Neverfail® HybriStor™ from the Management Interface.

1. Click Browse... to select the upgrade file.

2. Click Upload File to upload the selected file.

Once it confirms the file is successfully uploaded and verified, click Upgrade Hybristor™ to perform the upgrade. A dialog box will remind you that the upgrade process will stop all daemons and processes and reboot the system; all users will lose connectivity to shares during this process. Click Continue to proceed. Otherwise, click Cancel to abort the upgrade.


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