Enabling Encryption on the Virtual HybriStor Appliance



The Virtual HybriStor Appliance now supports encryption for data at rest. Though the physical appliance has always leveraged hardware encryption, we are excited to bring this feature to the virtual appliance. Please note that this feature is only available for subscription licenses, and is not available for trial or freemium licenses.



If you are already have an existing Neverfail account, you can request this feature by contacting your account manager.

If you are currently a trial or freemium-only customer, you need to convert to a paid account before acquiring the encryption license feature. In order to convert to a paid account, please submit payment information through our portal at https://hybristor.com/account-creation/. Once signed up, please contact your account manager.

Contact your Account Manager



After deploying the OVA, during the initial setup wizard, you will be prompted for the HybriStor license number. if your license supports the encryption feature, you will be notified during the setup process.  Enabling the encryption feature on a new OVA appliance is irreversible. That is, once you deploy without encryption at rest, you cannot add encryption at a later date.


Key Management

Your encryption key will not require any manual management. If, for whatever reason, you require access to an encrypted virtual appliance disk, please contact our support staff and we will provide a key for you.

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