RDP Session Timeouts


This KB article details the RDP session timeouts e.g. how long it takes from the moment a user logs into an app and leaves it running with no activity, until the session is terminated.

RDP Session Timeouts for either desktops or published apps is the same.

Current Policies:

  • Idle Session Limit: 1 day
    Set time limit for an active but idle RDS sessions.

  • Active Session Limit: 1 day
    Sets the time limit for active RDS sessions.

  • End a Disconnected Session: 2 Hours
    Sets a time limit for disconnected sessions.

  • RemoteApp Session LogOff Delay: 2 hours
    Sets time limit for logoff of RemoteApp sessions

In Neverfail Workspaces v2.6 these timeouts cannot be changed.


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