Neverfail Continuity Engine disables Automatic DNS Registration on the Protected Server




This Knowledge base article provides information about the configuration of Automatic DNS registration on a server protected by Neverfail Continuity Engine.


More Information

When Installing or Upgrading Neverfail Continuity Engine

Neverfail Continuity Engine recommends that the NICs used for Principal (Public) and/or Channel connections should have the Register this connection's addresses in DNS check box cleared prior to installing or upgrading Neverfail Continuity Engine to prevent issues with DNS name resolution. If Register this connection's addresses in DNS is detected as enabled, an acknowledgeable warning message is issued to inform the user that this feature will be automatically disabled during install/upgrade, and to recommend that they verify if the DNS configuration is correct.


If Enabling Register this connection's addresses in DNS feature after Neverfail Continuity Engine is installed

Neverfail Continuity Engine checks periodically the status of the NICs used for Public and Channel connections. If it detects Register this connection's addresses in DNS feature as being enabled, it will automatically disable it and issue a warning to inform the user about this condition.


Potential issues with Register this connection's addresses in DNS feature enabled

Channel and Management addresses may get automatically registered in DNS, resulting in clients being unable to connect to the protected application because their DNS queries are resolving to either a Channel or Management address; which may not be accessible from the public network, instead of the Principal (Public) address.


Recommended actions if the Register this connection's addresses in DNS feature gets enabled by accident

The user should review their DNS configuration and identify DNS name servers with zones that are configured for dynamic updates looking specifically for unwanted entries in both the forward and reverse zones that refer to the protected cluster name which resolve to either channel or management IP addresses (or the PTR equivalents) and remove them.

Note: In a DR environment configured with different Public IP addresses for each site, automatic DNS updating is provided by Neverfail Engine through a dedicated task.


Applies To

Neverfail Continuity Engine 8.5 and later



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