How to Add Workspaces Feed URL to Windows


This KB article describes how to add a Workspaces Feed URL to the Microsoft Windows RemoteApps and Desktop Connections control panel. This method provides easy access to publish applications by providing the applications on the Windows Start Menu which will also allow you to create a shortcut to be dragged to the desktop.

Step 1.
Login to your Workspaces portal with your user credentials.

Step 2.
Starting from the Home screen, you will find your Workspaces feed URL in the INFO box as shown in the image.  Click the blue copy button to add the URL to the clipboard.

Step 3.
In Windows 10 start the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Control Panel. Do this by clicking the Windows Start button and then start to type 'RemoteApp' and it should present as shown.

Step 4.
Once the RemoteApp and Desktops control panel opens, click on the link: Access RemoteApp and desktops

Step 5.
Paste the feed URL into the field presented then click next

On the next screen click next

Step 6.
Provide your user credentials and click the Remember Me check box.Then click OK.

The next screen shows the connection resources are being added to Windows.  Please note that this part of the process can take time to complete, sometimes more than a minute or two.

Once the resources are added successfully you will see the following confirmation. 

Once you click FINISH you will return to the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections control panel. 

Step 7.
You will now see your Workspaces published applications appearing on the windows Start Menu.

Step 8.
You can now right click and pin the application to the start menu. You can also create a desktop shortcut by dragging and dropping the application icon directly to the desktop. 


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