How to add/replace a server to an Engine pair/trio from EMS using manual cloning




This Knowledgebase article provides the step-by-step procedure for replacing a server from EMS.


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Initial Assumptions

  • The Primary Active server will be cloned.
  • The Secondary/Tertiary Passive server will be replaced by the new clone of Primary active server.


1. Make sure the Primary Active server is added into the EMS (Engine Management Server). If Primary is not added into EMS then use the 'Manage\Add Protected Server' option to add it.

2. For replacing a Secondary server use the 'Deploy\Add a stand-by server for high availability' option. For replacing a Tertiary use the 'Deploy\Add a stand-by server for disaster recovery' option.


3. In the new window choose the 'Select manual cloning' option and fill in the required IPs for the Channel connection.

4. Wait for the Primary server reconfiguration until EMS shows the message 'Primary Server ready to be cloned...'

5. Clone the Primary server manually.

6. Once the cloning of the Primary is finished click the Cancel button in the 'Install Status' field of EMS.

7. Power-up the newly created machine resulted from cloning. This is already pre-configured to run as a Secondary or Tertiary within your Neverfail pair/trio depending on the option you chose at step 2.





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