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This article is intended to guide on how to setup multiple virtual network adapters from vmware to work with a virtual HybridStor appliance. Having multiple vNIC's can help out DC operators by setting up different network adapters for data network and another for management network. Also the virtual HybriStor™ offers the possibility of Bonding Management by allowing multiple network interfaces to be viewed as a single device.

Additional info

The HybriStor™ virtual appliance, by default comes configured with one network adapter (VMXNET 3) using DHCP on the VM Network. Once the OVA has been deployed you'll have a single network adapter and depending on you network settings the vNIC will be set with dynamic ip's.


The default vNIC is ens160 and can be found in the following path: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens160. You can edit this file directly or use nmcli/nmtui editors to change adapters setting. Additionally after you can reach the HybriStor™ web interface you can edit it from menu : Configurations - Networking - Network Device Management .

Also for further details on network setup you check the HybriStor v2.3 User Guide found on the HybriStor - Product Documentation & Downloads page.

Adding a second vNIC with manual static IP

Shut down the VM and go to "edit settings" menu for this HybriStor™ appliance. From here we just add a new network device and in our example i've picked another one from another vlan. You can find more details about adding and modifying virtual network adapters in VMWare knowledge article.


Startup the VM and we should see our new adapter (ens192 in this case)ifconfig.JPG

The new network adapter needs to be enabled, you can do that from command line by creating a new file in location "etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens192"and editing it with proper values. Or from HybriStor™ menu : Configurations - Networking - Network Device Management, just click on the new adapter, enable it and the configure with static IP.

enable.JPG  static.JPG

Now we have 2 vNIC's that are setup with static and dynamic IP's:


The shares or the HybriStor™ web interface can be accessed on any of the IP's 





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