Workspace dashboards



The workspace dashboard is a summary screen displaying all the resources and actions performed on a specific workspace. Each workspaces has its own dashboard.

Follow the steps below to access a workspace dashboard.

  1. Log in to your Neverfail Workspaces account.
  2. Go to Workspaces.
  3. Click one of your available Workspaces.

The dashboard shows you the following types of information:

Active sessions: details on the active users connected to a specific workspace.


Virtual machines: details on the virtual infrastructure used to run your workspace. You can see the the VM roles, IP addresses, vCPU and vRAM utilization percentages, as well as alerts.


App usage history: this section gives you an idea of how often your customers use the installed applications.


Status and Action Pane: displays the following information.

  1. This is the name of the Workspace you are presently viewing.
  2. The name of the Organization which is associated with the Workspace. The BLUE hyper-link will take to you the Organization where you can edit items such as Users and Groups.
  3. The Cloud in which the Workspace resides. The BLUE hyper-link will take you to the Cloud for this Workspace where you can perform all the actions associated with a Cloud.
  4. The Gateway used to access the published Application and Desktops within this Workspace. The BLUE hyper-link will take you to the Gateway settings screen.
  5. The Create Virtual Machine button. From here you can create:
    1. Fileservers - a server with a unique role for hosting files, shares, mapped drives, and user Profiles.
    2. Persistent Session Host - servers which, unlike standard session hosts, are never deleted, hence they are persistent.
    3. Windows - this type is used to create new Windows ONLY servers. It can be used to create new Line Of Business servers, for example, SQL, Exchange, tools VMs, and application specific servers.





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