Configuring HybriStor Alert Notifications


The HybriStor unit can be configured to send notifications of events, warnings, and errors to your email addresses. If a user-configured SMTP server is available, it can also can send error notifications directly to Neverfail Support. Additionally, an optional set of "System Information" fields can be populated and the data will be transmitted along with any notification email.


Configuring the System Information

Before we configure the notifications, we should review the System Information fields. Click on Configurations on the left-hand menu, then select System Monitoring from the expanded submenu.

The System Information fields will appear in the highlighted section "A." If populated, the data in these fields will be included inside all notification emails, which may be useful for scenarios where you have multiple deployments and you want to be able to quickly identify the particular unit.


Configuring Email Notifications

In order to send notifications of events, warnings, and errors to your email addresses, please navigate to the SMTP Alerts submenu. In the section highlighted as "C," select which notifications you want to receive, then input one or more email addresses separated by commas in the Email Addresses field.

Note that some deployments may have this email configured for "" Feel free to add your own addresses to the list. 


Configuring SMTP Settings

Although the previous notifications will use a built-in SMTP function, the preferred configuration includes a customer-configured SMTP server. This can be added within the same panel, highlighted as section "B." Once the SMTP server is added, then please tick the box at the bottom of section "C" to "Report errors to Technical Support via email.



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