Neverfail Continuity Engine Secondary server deployment hangs at: Waiting for Secondary VM to complete auto configuration...



This Knowledgebase article provides details and a workaround procedure for the situation where Secondary server deployment hangs at Waiting for Secondary VM to complete auto configuration... step and eventually, the Secondary VM deployment operation times-out.


More information

Primary's VM MAC address was configured as Manual (not as recommended, default Automatic). As a consequence, the cloned Secondary had the same manual MAC address. This causes the post-clone Secondary auto-configuration task to fail.




  • Secondary server deployment hangs at Waiting for Secondary VM to complete auto configuration... step and eventually operation times-out.
  • EMS logs contain following events:

[2017-12-20 08:35:09,653] INFO  7706[TaskExecutor](com.neverfail.webservices.install.config.FirstStartWindowsConfigurationSequencer) - FirstStartWindowsConfigurationSequencer> Found inconsistent MAC addresses, aborting reconfiguration.
[2017-12-20 08:35:09,653] INFO  7706[TaskExecutor](com.neverfail.webservices.install.config.FirstStartWindowsConfigurationSequencer) - FirstStartWindowsConfigurationSequencer> isSourceServer() currentIdentity=PRIMARY, targetIdentity=PRIMARY


Primary VM's network adapters are configured with Manual MAC Addresses prior of cloning the Secondary VM out of it. As a consequence, the cloned Secondary VM's network adapters have the same MAC addresses as those configured on Primary VM. And this causes Secondary VM auto-configuration to fail.


  1. Shutdown Secondary server
  2. Reconfigure the Secondary VM Network Adapter(s) with Automatic MAC Address
  3. Restart Secondary Server => VM will be automatically reconfigured with a new MAC address, hence the reconfiguration task will be automatically started and server will be correctly configured as Secondary/Passive

Note: it is recommended to reconfigure the Primary VM also with Automatic MAC address     


Applies To

Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.1 or newer installations where the following are true:

  • Primary target is a VMware VM
  • Cloning or Recloning operations are done using the configured vCenter Server



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