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This Knowledge base article provides information about what to do when mapped drives fail to appear on the Neverfail Workspaces desktop or published application.

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Neverfail Workspaces 1.x

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When using Neverfail Workspaces mapped drives are not found within a published application, and are not seen when using a published desktop.  

Scenario 1: When I log in to a Neverfail Workspaces desktop I see my mapped drives.  If I leave this desktop session (either active or disconnected) and open a published application the mapped drives do not appear.

Scenario 2: When I log in to a published application as my first Workspaces "session" I see the mapped drives.  If I leave this session (active or disconnected) and then start a full desktop session the mapped drives are not available.

It appears that mapped drives are only available to the first session launched and any subsequent sessions are not able to provide mapped drives.


  1. From the Domain Controller, launch Group Policy Management, and expand Group Policy Objects.

  2. Right-click on Vertiscale Network Drives and select Edit.
  3. Once the Group Policy Management Editor has launched, drill down to:

    User Configuration>Preferences>Windows Settings>Drive Maps

  4. In the right pane, you will see any existing drive mappings. Right-click on the drive mapping and select Properties.

  5. Once in the properties window, click the Action drop-down and select Replace, and then click OK.

  6. Once changes have been saved, close all open windows and then initiate a reboot of the Session Host.

Drive mappings should now be visible in Workspaces Desktop sessions as well as Published Applications.

Related Information

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