How to Add a New Interface to a Clavister VM



This Knowledge base article provides instructions on how to add a new interface to a Clavister VM. 

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Note: Do *Not* manually create address book entries for Ifx_ip and Ifx_net prior to performing these steps. The VSG will add those entries automatically.

Before you can configure a fourth or greater interface on your Clavister VSG, you must add an additional virtual NIC to the Virtual Machine (VM), reboot the Clavister VM, and then run the following commands in the vSphere VM console.

 To add a new interface to a Clavister VM, perform the following steps:

  1. On your Clavister VM, right-click the VM and select Edit Settings.
  2. Click the Add button to display the Add Hardware page.
  3. Select Ethernet Adapter and then click Next.
    NOTE: The E1000 and VMXNET are not currently compatibile with Clavister VSG.
  4. Assign a unique internal port group to this new interface. 
  5. Reboot your Clavister VM - use the following commands from the CLI: shutdown -reboot
  6. Using the vSphere console, run the following four commands to recognize the new interface(s):
"pciscan –ethernet"
"pciscan –cfgupdate"
"activate"    (please wait for activation to complete before you run the next command)

7. Once this is done, using the Clavister Web UI, navigate to Interfaces > Ethernet and verify the additional interface is available.

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Clavister VSG

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