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Cloud infrastructure is at the core of Neverfail Workspaces. When you sign up for Workspaces as a new Service Provider, you can choose between two types of cloud infrastructure to power your business.

Neverfail Secure Public Cloud

Our public cloud offering gives you access to unlimited on-demand resources and easy scalability options. When using a public cloud, you share the same hardware, storage and network equipment with other organizations. These organizations are called tenants.

Neverfail Secure Public Cloud is a web-scale, multi-tenant infrastructure, connected through multiple Tier 1 internet backbones to provide a fully redundant system running at 100% uptime.

Our public cloud is a great choice if your business can take advantage of:

  • Affordable pricing: you only pay for the services you use, without the need of purchasing dedicated hardware or software.
  • High scalability: you can use more resources whenever you need.
  • No maintenance efforts: we take care of all maintenance operations to ensure a smooth experience while using our infrastructure.

Neverfail Private Cloud

A private cloud is a Neverfail-hosted infrastructure where all the resources are dedicated to a single organization and maintained on a private network. Private clouds also bring the benefit of resource customization to meet your specific requirements.

Neverfail Private Cloud is a flexible, purpose-built infrastructure for service providers that need high security, high performance, and access to the hypervisor or hypervisor APIs.

We recommend using a Neverfail Private Cloud to run your business-critical operations while having enhanced control over the entire environment, especially if you can benefit from:

  • Increased security: since a private cloud is dedicated to your organization alone, we ensure a high level of security through you being the only tenant with access to the required resources.
  • Full control over resources: Manage customer entitlements through self-service tools and APIs. Customize virtual machines, clone templates and use snapshots to save or revert to previous configurations.
  • Dedicated hardware and physical isolation: Avoid “noisy neighbors” and increase security with fully isolated resources. Dedicated private cloud servers are isolated on their own network. Multiple storage options are available to keep data protected.
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