Cloning virtual machines



Cloning virtual machines is the process of creating identical copies of a virtual machine, including the resource configuration and installed applications. The initial virtual machine is called the parent of the clone.

Clones are independent virtual machines, so when you perform changes to a parent, the changes do not reflect on the clone, and when you perform changes to a clone, they do not reflect on the parent.

When and why cloning is useful

Duplicating virtual machines can help you optimize the resource usage in environments where a single virtual machine needs to serve large number of customers and process large amounts of data.

Cloning is also a big time saver, since you can rapidly spin up new machines with an existing configuration, without having to manually install all the required applications.

Cloning a virtual machine

Workspaces provides an easy and intuitive way of cloning virtual machines, by triggering an automated workflow from the parent VM's page.

Important: clones are always linked to the parent virtual machine's workspace, so a parent and its clones will always reside in the same workspace.

Follow the steps below to clone a virtual machine.

  1. Log in to your Neverfail Workspaces account.
  2. Go to Virtual Machines. If you don't have access to the Virtual Machines menu, go to Workspaces and select the workspace containing the virtual machine that you want to clone.
  3. Click the virtual machine that you want to duplicate. You can use the filters to narrow down the results.
  4. Click Duplicate.
  5. Workspaces automatically creates a workflow for the cloning process, which you can see in the Workflows page and monitor its progress.
  6. Once the process is complete, you can see the cloned virtual machine in the Virtual Machines page, or in the Virtual Machines list of the corresponding workspace.
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