Installing apps on templates



Within Workspaces, applications run on app hosts, which, in turn, are powered by app templates.

When users of an organization need access to a new app, you need to install the required app on an app template, then publish that app to specific user groups.

Permission requirements

To install apps on a template, your user account must be part of a user group that meets the following permission requirements:

  • Organization permissions
  • Cloud permissions

To view the installation workflows, your user account must be part of a user group that meets the following permissions requirements:

  • Service Provider permissions

Installing apps

This process involves starting a new workflow in the target workspace, connecting remotely to the App Template and installing the applications on the template, just as you would on any other machine.

Follow the steps below to install new apps on an app template.

  1. Log in to your Workspaces administrator account.
  2. Go to Workspaces and select the workspace where the target app template resides.
  3. Go to the Templates tab.
  4. Select the app template that you want to install new apps on. Typically, this is the Default App Template.
  5. Click Start software installation. This creates a new workflow. Once the workflow is finished, the template status switches to Ready for software installation.
  6. Next, click Download RDP File in the template's page. Save the RDP file and run it to connect to the app template. Log in using your administrator account.
  7. Once connected to the app template, you can start installing the required application(s) just as you would on any workstation. Repeat this step for as many applications as you need.
  8. Once you have installed the required apps, run them from within the app template and make sure they work correctly.
  9. Close the RDP connection.
  10. Go back to the Workspaces portal, and click Finish installation in the app template's page. This triggers another set of workflows. Wait for them to finish.

Once the workflows are finished, your new apps are installed on the template. To grant users access to the apps, you need to publish them. Go through our dedicated article on publishing apps to user groups to learn how to do that.

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