Publishing apps to user groups



After installing apps on your templates, you need to publish the apps to specific user groups, so that users of your organization can access them.

Permission requirements

To publish apps, your user account must be part of a user group that meets the following permission requirements:

  • Organization permissions
  • Cloud permissions

Publishing apps

Follow the steps below to publish new apps to user groups. Keep in mind that the republishing process involves deploying a new app session host with the new apps, replacing the existing one. During this process, existing user sessions are kept active, but users can start new sessions only after republishing is complete.

  1. Go to Workspaces and select the workspace containing the template with the new apps.
  2. Go to the App Store tab. Your newly installed apps should be visible in the Unsupported section.
  3. Drag the app to the Supported section to make it available to the workspace.
  4. From the Supported section, drag it to the Published section and select the user groups that can access the app. Repeat this process for as many apps as you need to publish.
  5. To start the republishing workflow, click Republish.

Once the workflow finishes, users can see the new apps in their dashboard and access them whenever they need to.

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