Virtual HybriStor Resource Allocation Based on Input Streams


Since version 2.3.110 a new code was added into linux kernel by enabling the fuse write-back cache functionality. The main reason for this upgrade is to better control the system resources depending on the required load .

The default HybriStor ova build comes with 4vCPU and 8GB,  we can easily change this from the VM's option menu to desired value. When the Virtual HybridStor will be powered on the system will automatically configure the ingest streams and maximum open files depending on the virtual memory allocated to this VM.


Memory Ingest Streams Max Open Files

Approx Residual

Max Memory Used

8 GB 100 400 3.2 GB
16 GB 200 800 5.5 GB
24 GB 300 1200 7.1 GB
32 GB 400 1600 8.6 GB

More details about the way virtual memory allocation is being handled by the HybridStor unit.


  • The amount of Virtual RAM memory given to the appliance or physical memory in the appliance

Ingest Streams :

  • The amount of streams that can be concurrently written to while maintaining optimal performance. As more streams are opened passed this number, performance will drop off at an incremental rate.
  • This number also directly changes how much Res memory is used.

Max Files Open

  • The max number of concurrent files that can be opened/written to.
  • When trying to open a file after this number, it will start to fail the open and log a warning message.

Approx. Res Max Memory Used

  • This is the amount of RES memory that will be used when the filesystem daemon is currently at its max number of Ingest Streams in use.
  • Any amount of concurrent streams opened after this number should not increase the RES memory used any further.
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