Configuring a Veeam Shared Folder Repository for HybriStor


This knowledge document describes how to create an NFS share on your HybriStor, and how to use it as a Veeam Linux Repository. If you are using a virtual HybriStor appliance, please configure your VM disks to use VMware paravirtual SCSI adapters before proceeding.

Veeam Shared Folder repositories use CIFS shares to store backup data. While Veeam supports Linux Server repositories, we highly recommend the Shared Folder type due to increased concurrent job count capacity.


Part 1: Create a HybriStor CIFS share

Login to the HybriStor management Web Interface. Expand Configurations, and select CIFS Share.

Create User
If you are using AD integration, have a user credential set available for later steps. If you are using local user management, you will first need to create a local user.


Create CIFS Share
Once the user credentials are available, add the new CIFS share and populate the share name, capacity in GB, and leave Instacache and Ingest Method at their defaults (On and Veeam). Make sure to also input the user name in the Read/Write Users field.


Note the CIFS share path in the CIFS Share Management table. In this example it is:


Part 2: Create a Veeam Shared Folder Repository

Start Add Repository Wizard
Go to Backup Infrastructure on the Veeam client menu then select “Add Repository”


Name the new repository and click Next.


Select Shared folder and click Next.


Input CIFS share path into Shared folder field.


Because this environment lacks a DNS server, the HybriStor IP address will be used instead of the hostname (


Check the "This share requires access credentials," click Add, then input the CIFS share credentials and proceed in the wizard.


On the additional repository information screen, click the Advanced button.


If server is licensed with VBR Enterprise or Enterprise Plus, select the "Use per-VM backup files."


Click Next past the Mount Server step, then review the configuration before hitting Apply.


If an existing repository location with previous job data is being transferred to this new repository, make sure to check the "Import existing backups automatically" and "Import guest file system index" tickboxes.


New Backup Repository wizard is complete.

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