Workspaces v2.15.0


Features and Improvements

  1. Added a Knowledge Base section within the product, which you can use to check the product documentation without leaving the interface.
  2. Users with expired passwords can now reset their password via the login page.
  3. Workspaces now notifies you whenever the environment is updated to the latest version. The notification appears upon the first login on an updated environment. Check the What's New section for details about the new version.
  4. You can now modify user names for members of your organizations.
  5. Notifications are now displayed in groups.
  6. You can now choose the columns that you want to see in tables across the platform.
  7. You can now expand and collapse workflows to improve readability.
  8. Page headers are now static while scrolling.
  9. Replayed workflows now include hyperlinks to the step they were resumed from.
  10. Workspaces now detects locked accounts and prompts users with a corresponding error message at login.
  11. Multiple user experience improvements related to labels and in-product documentation.


  1. Resolved an issue causing app installation on persistent session hosts to fail.
  2. Resolved an issue allowing users from one organization to configure RDP policies for users from another organization.
  3. Resolved an issue causing the Create User window to deny new data.
  4. Resolved an issue blocking users from sending feedback from the interface.
  5. Resolved an issue causing group policies for persistent session hosts to be applied incorrectly to organizational units.
  6. Templates are now removed from the hypervisor when you delete them.
  7. Active users in the Organizations page are now displayed correctly.
  8. Minor bug fixes.
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