Workspaces v2.16.0


Features and Improvements

  1. Workspaces now automatically deletes Completed and Resumed workflows older than 14 days, and silent workflows older than 7 days, to improve performance.
  2. You can now search for any entity in your environment through the global search feature.
  3. Drop-down menus across the platform now support text input and auto-completion.
  4. Added statuses for virtual machines within workspaces.
  5. You can now remove multiple users from groups simultaneously (bulk remove).
  6. You ca now see the domain type when creating a new organization.
  7. You can now see which virtual machine is derived from which template.
  8. Improved overall paltform navigation through hyperlinks between different sections.
  9. Added field validations across the platform.
  10. Multiple UX/UI improvements through extra labels and information.


  • Resolved an issue causing RDP file downloads to fail.
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