Unable to Mount Replication Share on Virtual Appliance




  • /etc/hsdr/settings.conf file contains the word Array instead of configuration values
  • Daemon Statuses go into error state
  • Replication Share still shows as mounted/unmounted



If the symptoms above occur after attempting to mount or unmount a replication share, please run the following command on the virtual appliance command line to restore the settings.conf:

   cp /etc/hsdr/settings.bak /etc/hsdr/settings.conf

If the /etc/hsdr/settings.bak file is also corrupted, then please reach out to Neverfail support.



To patch the Virtual Appliance to stop the above issue, please SCP the following files onto the VM (they are attached to this article):

  • replication_incoming_source_cifs_edit.php
  • replication_incoming_source_nfs_edit.php 

After transferring the files, please run the following commands on the command line to copy them into the correct file system location, then restart the VM:

   cp ./replication_incoming_source_cifs_edit.php /var/www/html/ajax/

   cp ./replication_incoming_source_nfs_edit.php /var/www/html/ajax/

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