Workspaces v2.17.2

  • Release Notes for 2.17.0
    Bug fixes
    • Expired account - Password Reset Not working properly & other fixes
    • Fixed the licensing alerts
      • Please add a License Server Hostname within the AppGateways from the Cloud section in order for the system to validate and remove the Alerts.
    • UI crashing while creating a new Virtual Machines
  • New Features
    • End-users sessions - allowing the end user to close his own sessions - functionality present within the "Home section" 
    • Custom Login Portal is now supported - just add the custom URL value within the SP settings - this will enable the users to be redirected towards your own custom login page 
    • Added "Before you start" documentation in specific areas of the product
    • Added Breadcrumbs within the wizard creations
    • Added bulk actions for managing users
    • Added the workspaces widget within the Clouds & Orgs pages
    • General UX/UI improvements
    • General Alerting/Notifications improvements
    • General Permission fixes
  • Release Notes for 2.17.1
    • Setting the proper permissions for the Quicklinks found in the Org/Workspaces/Clouds widgets
    • Added the "token" to the password reset within the e-mail templates to support the custom login page functionality - enabling the users to be redirected to the new page while reseting their own passwords
    • General permission fixes
  • Release Notes for 2.17.2
    • Added support for COM redirection within the RDP Policies 
      • Allowing redirection of local ports (eg. serial ports) into the remote session.
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