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Neverfail Workspaces is a cloud-based security & remote access solution that enables you to access your applications and data from anywhere, using any computer or mobile device, while creating a security wrapper around your sensitive data and applications. It keeps everything off your devices and within the Neverfail secure clouds, shielding your data from unauthorized access.

Cross-platform, location independent availability

Neverfail Workspaces delivers an intuitive, responsive application portal with all the apps and data that you need to do your job. Additionally, you can use any device, including your own, from any location, all without compromising security, since Workspaces supports Microsoft Windows or Mac OS computers as well as iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Simply log in and get to work. You can work from anywhere you have access to the internet without compromising security. No need for finicky VPN connections or specialized software.

Increased productivity with zero compromise

Your applications are managed by your Workspaces Service Provider, so any maintenance operations are taken off your shoulders. This way, you can focus on delivering your best work no matter where you are.

Requesting new applications

Should you need access to new applications, contact your Workspaces Service Provider.

Start using Workspaces

Your Workspaces Service Provider has granted you access to a set of apps that you can access.

To learn how to access Workspaces apps view the "Getting started with Remote Apps" KB article

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