Workspaces v3.1.2


Release notes – 3.1.2 for Workspaces

High level overview about v3 of Workspaces can be seen here

How to integrate DUO MFA with Workspaces can be seen here


  • The end-user has the possibility to manage his own profile (Changing the avatar, e-mail, etc.) from within the “Profile” section found in the dashboard.
  • Cloud data store can now be ordered from within the Cloud child page by clicking on “Request Cloud Storage”.
  • Profile management – a combination of the UPDs and the Folder redirections is now found at the workspaces level in the Settings page.
  • A new network infrastructure is now supported where we offer the possibility to connect different Clouds by linking their port groups and deploy multiple Workspaces in different clouds or organizations, a new setting that is available in the Service Provider view, in the main settings.
  • High Availability is now supported and this functionality will require manual work to be in place from the Neverfail Team. The functionality can now be requested from within the Workspaces portal – when creating a new AppGateway from within a specific Cloud.
  • Added the possibility to Create a Workspace.
  • Enhanced the creation of the Organization.
  • Added the possibility to Create an AppGateway from within the Cloud.
  • Enhanced the domain creation – now supporting the Dedicated/Shared and Bring your own Active Directory cases.
  • Enhanced the view of the Workflows page – now presenting them in a easier to read and use manner.
  • Responsiveness on tablets and mobile phones.
  • We are currently triggering alerts and monitor the DHCP scope allocation.
  • We are now supporting the activation of ThinPrint within the platform by creating a new Licensing Server with a ThinPrint license, thus offering the possibility to print from local printers.
    • This is an Organization level setting, activating this functionality will enable all the users within the organization to have ThinPrint enabled.
  • The Data store information is now present within the Cloud child page, enabling the user to select the proper data store for Templates and Virtual machine deployments
  • We are now showing the Operating System within the Templates dropdowns
  • We are now grouping the Templates based on the location they are stored in
  • We are now highlighting the already used template when creating a new deployment.
  • Creating a new Virtual Machine will now require to select a template.
  • Importing a template or duplicating a template will now require for the template to be named.
  • Creating a Workspaces will not require the template that is used to be named.


  • VM deployment fixes
  • VM management fixes
  • Windows 2016 template fixes
  • Bring Your Own Active Directory fixes
  • High availability fixes
  • Java 8b181 update fixes
  • Licensing alerts being spammed
  • Permission fixes
  • Creating network shares fixes
  • XML feed fixes
  • User management and password complexity fixes
  • Republish Persistent Session Host collection fixes
  • Other general fixes
  • Expand drive fixes
  • Create Org fixes


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